Chainflix’s ecosystem is
powered by CFX (CFXT)

CFX is the minable coin on the service. CFXT is the corresponding ERC20
token. CFX is used to reward users for their contribution to the platform.

  • Smart Contract Audit

  • Acquire CFXT

  • Etherscan

  • Block Explorer

How to Acquire CFXT / CFX

After listing, users can purchase CFXT on listed exchanges. CFX is only minable via the video playback-based mining system. When users watch videos, CFX is mined and distributed to the ecosystem participants.

Token Allocation

Token Allocation

  • Mining40%
  • Founding Team (Locked for 1 year)20%
  • Token Sale9%
  • Development Fund21%
  • Mentors7%
  • Bounty2%
  • Bonus1%
FUNDS Allocation

FUNDS Allocation

  • Core Development44%
  • Marketing28%
  • Community Development15%
  • Partnership7%
  • Legal Cost5%
  • Reserve1%
Total Supply (5,000,000,000)

Coming Soon