Terms of Service

This is Chainflix’s Terms of Service

Article 1: Purpose
The purpose of this document is to inform rights, obligations and responsibilities between Jampick (‘Company’) and members and other necessary matters in connection with the use of Chainflix (‘Service’).

Article 2: Definition of Terms
The terms used in this document are defined as follows:
1. "Chainflix" (‘Service’) refers to a video platform that allows "members" defined as "creators" to upload or share videos through various digital devices or software (such as PCs and mobile devices). "Members" are able to participate through comments or replies while watching videos.
2. "Members" refer to those who have access to the "service" and who agreed with the terms and conditions provided by the “company”.
3. “ID” (‘Account’) is an email address which is designated by "member" and approved by "company" to distinguish itself from other "members" when using the "service”.
4. "Users" refer to both "members" and "non-members" who have access to "service".
5. "Channel" refers to a private platform space where "members" can post and store their own videos.
6. "Creator" means "members" who post their own videos on their "channels".
7. “Storage Providers” refer to "members" who store videos of "creators" instead of "company" and transmit them for "members" to watch.
8. "Wallet" refers to a place where you can store and deposit CFX coins earned as a reward for using the "service."
9. “Cryptocurrency" (‘Coin’, ’CFX Coin’) refers to digital currency by which "members" may deposit or withdraw using their "wallet".
10. "Blockchain" refers to a technology implemented by "company" to use “CFX coins” in a fair and transparent manner.

Article 3: Posting and Revision of Terms of Service
1. Company posts the contents of this terms of service on the front page to make it easier for members to see.
2. Terms of service shall become effective by disclosing the service agreement provided by company to members and may be amended within the scope of the related statutes if reasonable reasons arise. The revised terms and conditions which includes changes such as important regulations, rights or duties of users, are announced in advance. In addition, if the terms and conditions change, company shall disclose them immediately.
3. If company revises this document, the service notifies the amendment details and the application date 7 days in advance. However, in case of changes that may be disadvantageous to members, they shall be notified 30 days in advance.
4. In the event if a member would like to express concerns or opinion regarding the changes to terms of service, it must be done on before end of the effective day. If no member expresses opinions to the terms of service, it would imply that members agree to the revised terms of service.
5. If members do not agree to the revised terms and conditions, members can express their objection to company before end of the effective day and/or terminate their accounts.
6. In addition to these terms and conditions, company may inform or obtain consent from members by setting up separate notices, individual agreements, operation policies, and detailed guidelines for the service ("Guide"). Detailed instructions shall apply in priority if the contents of the detailed guidelines conflict with the members' consent. Details or interpretations of matters or interpretations not set forth in this document shall be followed by detailed guidelines and related statutes.

Article 4: Creating an Account
1. Users shall become members by filling out the application form (specified by company) and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
2. Company allows members to pick their own nicknames when signing up. However, if the member's nickname is found to be in violation (copyright), member will be asked to change the nickname.
3. Company may check member’s information if necessary (information such as posted videos). If a member is found guilty of stealing other’s contents. Company shall delete member’s channel and member will be penalized according to the relevant statutes.

Article 5: Approval or Refusal of Membership Application
1. Company approves applications according to the order of reception when there is no disruption in the performance of the service under the provisions of Article 5.
2. The company does not accept the following cases:
① In case of an applicant who used another person's information
② In case of applicant who falsified information or omitted important details
③ In case of using this service for purposes that are detrimental to the social order
④ In case a child (under age of 14) has not obtained a consent of a legal guardian (parent, etc.)
⑤ If an application is made in violation of rules
3. Company will withhold the approval of application during the following scenarios:
① Company does not have enough equipment
② Company has technical difficulties
③ Other reasons when it is difficult to approve the applications

Article 6: Change of Information
1. Members can access and modify their personal information at any time. However, the ID (email address) and phone number required for service management cannot be modified.
2. Member who created their own channels cannot modify date of birth in accordance with the company's operational policy.
3. Members are able to modify their information directly in the service or by contacting company through ‘Help Center’.
4. Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the member's failure to notify company of the changes mentioned earlier.

Article 7: Management of Information
1. Company may restrict the use of certain nicknames if they contain other people’s personal information, violate social norms, infringe on the rights of third parties, or may be mistaken for the company or the company's operator.
In addition, company may restrict the use of certain nicknames if company recognizes it is necessary to do so based on reasonable judgment.
2. If the account and password registered by the member are identical to the ones registered with the company, company considers user to be a member without a separate verification procedure.
3. Members shall be responsible for keeping all information necessary for access to the account, including the password, in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing their accounts.
4. Member shall immediately notify company of the loss of account access information, theft or disclosure to a third party. Company will immediately suspend the use of that account.
5. Company shall not be held liable for the loss, theft or disclosure of access information, such as the member's account password. However, this does not apply to cases where the company was at fault.

Article 8: Service Usage
1. Users who wish to join as members apply for membership by agreeing to this document and the provision of personal information collection in accordance with the procedures set by the company.
2. Company can restrict the use of certain services to minors to comply with age restriction in accordance with the Youth Protection Act.
3. By design, the service hours shall be 24 hours (00:00-24:00) per day, year-round, except in cases where the company cannot use the service for certain technical reasons. Company can also set date and time for regular inspection of the service facilities (by dividing the service into specific ranges).
4. Member can create a channel or provide storage by entering additional information in accordance with the operation policy and procedures set by the company. Company will then approve the contract to become a content creator or storage provider.
5. Creators are authorized to receive encrypted rewards by posting and sharing their own videos.
6. Storage providers are authorized to receive encrypted rewards by providing their storages for storing videos.
7. By watching a video, a member has the right to obtain a reward set by the content creator.
8. Members agree that the company is not responsible for changes in the price of the cryptocurrency. In the event of an interruption of a cryptocurrency market or an unavoidable event, such as Article 19, the company may take one or more of the following actions and shall not be liable for any loss due to such actions:
① Discontinuing access to the service
② Interrupting all activities in the service

Article 9: Notification of Service Content Change
1. In the event of service content change or if the service is terminated due to reasons such as launch of a new service, company will notify about changes or termination of service contents through e-mail or other communication methods.
2. In the event of notification, members will be notified through service homepage or announcement board. However, transactions of the member shall be notified in advance and individually in accordance with the method prescribed in the following article 10.

Article 10: Fees
1. Members shall pay a fee set by the company when withdrawing cryptocurrency (CFX coins) from the wallet provided by company.

Article 11: Responsibilities of Members
1. Members shall not perform any of the actions mentioned below. Company may restrict member's use of the service and/or take other legal actions.
① Entering false information when signing up or changing information
② Posting contents without the permission of copyright owner or using the service to replicate, publish, broadcast, or providing to third parties (without prior consent from the company)
③ Violating the rights of a company or a third party, such as posting false information about a third party in the service or infringing on intellectual property rights (copyright)
④ Stealing Chainflix ID or password of another member
⑤ Using the payment information of another member such using wallet address without the permission of owner
⑥ Posting or sending spam email/material, or encouraging people to join the pyramid scheme.
⑦ Posting videos containing violent scenes, images, voices, etc. or disclosing information that might seem immoral.
⑧ Posting illegal information (such as computer programs/applications) that is prohibited by the relevant laws, such as the Information and Communication Network Act
⑨ Posting unrestricted media for minors as stipulated by Youth Protection Act
⑩ Sharing information, comments, voices, videos, etc. that might violate the public order or customs.
⑪ Impersonating company's employee or insulting another member.
⑫ Posting data containing software viruses, computer codes, files and programs designed to disrupt or destroy the operation of member’s computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment
⑬ Disrupting other members from using the service peacefully (such as stalking, swearing, and posting mean comments)
⑭ Collecting, storing and disclosing personal information of other members without their consent
⑮ Posting advertisements without the consent of company
16 Reversing, decompiling, and disassembling software provided by company
2. Failing to comply with the current terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other notice of company's use of the service
3. In the event that an adult certification is required according to the relevant laws or regulations, members shall provide their real-name to company in accordance with the method provided by company for use of the service.

Article 12: Video Management and Copyright
1. Copyright of the posted contents in the service by the members belongs to the authors of content
2. Posted videos may be exposed to search results, services and related promotions, and may be edited, duplicated, and published. In such cases, company will comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act and will take actions such as deletion and/or exclusion of videos in search results
3. Company tries its best to protect the rights and interests of copyright holders by establishing a copyright protection system. If a member is recognized by company as a legitimate copyright holder (at the request of a member), company will provide the copyright holder with a service to manage the videos.

Article 13: Restrictions of Service
1. Company may restrict or suspend some or all "service" for "members" in the event of any of following reasons:
① In case members interferes with the operation of service
② In case members violates Article 11
③ During inspection or repayment of service facilities
④ If service use is disrupted due to a national emergency, service facility failure, or a huge surge in service use;
⑤ During other reasons when the company is not able to continue providing service
2. In the event that the company restricts members' service use under paragraph 1 or 2 of the previous article, company may restrict the use by warning, temporary suspension, or permanent suspension, and may immediately suspend the use for any other serious violation of the relevant statutes. Specific criteria regarding the type and duration of restrictions and methods of restrictions shall be as provided in Chainflix operation policy.
3. In the case of permanent service suspension, member's account will be suspended along with all of member's other Chainflix accounts which are identified through the process of identification. Suspended member will not able to use service under any Chainflix accounts.
4. If company restricts the use of service to a member in accordance with provisions of this section, member shall be informed of the reasons, the contents of the restriction, and the period of limitation in accordance with Article 9. If a member who has been restricted from using the service, terminates the account during period of service restriction and re-enrolls in the service again after restriction period is over, some restrictions may still be imposed on the service use in accordance with Chainflix operation policy.
5. If company decides to terminate the service contract of a member, company will notify member in accordance with the method prescribed in paragraph 1 of Article 9, and member shall have the opportunity to appeal the termination within seven days of receiving the notice of termination.

Article 14 Termination of service contract
1. If a member intends to terminate the service contract, member's account can be easily deleted at any time according to the procedure set by the company in member’s account settings.
2. If the service contract is cancelled, all posted contents by a member in the service will be deleted. However, those contents may not be deleted immediately if it necessary for normal service use by other users, such as when it is shared by a third party.
3. Company will not allow cancellation of the service contract if there is a cryptocurrency (CFX coin) balance remains at member’s wallet.

Article 15: Precautions for Service Use
1. If the amount of cryptocurrency (CFX coin) available in member’s wallet falls short of the transaction amount, company will cancel the entire transaction or fulfill partial order corresponding to the member’s balance.
2. Company may discontinue the service entirely due to significant management reasons such as transfer of operations to another company, division or merger, expiration of contracts with important affiliates, and significant deterioration of the service's profits. If such case occurs, members shall be notified of the date of the suspension, reasons for the suspension, and methods for withdrawing members’ cryptocurrency holdings deprescribed in paragraph 1 of Article 9.
3. Company may change the use of Blockchain technology of cryptocurrency (CFX coins) if there is a reason for the inevitable interruption of the service provision, such as termination of the cryptocurrency exchange, and government's policy or intervention. Company will make reasonable efforts to inform members in advance of the change in the use of Blockchain.
4. Company may apply for a new blockchain cryptocurrency exchange in accordance with its operation policy.

Article 16: Acquiring of cryptocurrency (CFX coin)
1. In order to acquire cryptocurrency (CFX coin), one must create a Chainflix account and verify phone number.
2. Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) can be acquired by completing certain activities such as watching videos uploaded by other members in the service or participating in certain events.
3. Members can check their balance of cryptocurrency (CFX) in wallet provided by service.
4. Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) is transferred using blockchain specified by company, and the transaction cannot be manipulated due to the nature of Blockchain technology.
5. If there is a discrepancy between the amount of cryptocurrency (CFX coin) entered in the blockchain and the amount of cryptocurrency on member’s wallet, the value of the blockchain will always be right.
6. Members must pay fees for cryptocurrency transactions.
7. Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) shall not be the object of inheritance, loan, or mortgage. Exceptions are made if allowed by the company.

Article 17: Usage of cryptocurrency (CFX coin)
1. In order to use cryptocurrency (CFX coin), users must create a Chainflix account and verify email.
2. Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) acts accordance with Article 13 Paragraph 2.
3. Company may not approve or block the use of cryptocurrency (CFX coin) and wallet in accordance with following paragraphs 2 and 5.
① Minors (under age of 19) must have a consent from legal guardian.
4. Members can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency (CFX coin) using wallet in the service. The transactions are transparent since they are recorded on Blockchain.
5. Fees incurred by members using cryptocurrency (CFX coin) shall be in accordance with Article 10.
6. Company may provide additional services that can be used by through cryptocurrency (CFX coin).

Article 18 Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) cash conversion
1. Cryptocurrency (CFX coin) provided cannot be converted to cash and can only be obtained and used within the service.

Article 19: Limitation of Liability
1. Company shall not be held liable in the event when the service cannot be provided due to natural disasters or the equivalent unpredictable circumstances.
2. Company shall not be held liable for damages caused by repair, replacement, regular inspection or construction of service facilities. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.
3. Company shall not be held liable for any interruption in the service use caused by member’s will or negligence. However, this shall not be the case if a member has an unavoidable or legitimate reason.
4. Company shall not be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of information or data posted by its members in relation to the service unless it is done intentionally.
5. Company shall not be obliged to intervene in any transactions or disputes caused by members, and shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from it.
6. Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to members in connection with the use of the service since its provided free of charge. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.
7. Company shall not be held responsible for any losses of profits by members using the service.
8. Company shall not be responsible for the loss of cryptocurrency (CFX coin) caused by member's own mistake. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.
9. Company shall not be held responsible for any issues regarding member's in-device password. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.
10. Company shall not be held liable for any contents if they become not available due to changes in member’s device, number of the mobile device, operating system version, roaming abroad, or changes in carrier. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.
11. Company shall not be held responsible for the deletion of contents or member information. However, this does not apply to cases where the company is at fault due to negligence or other reasons.

Article 20: Provisions of Terms of Service
1. "Company" defines Chainflix operation policy in addition to these terms and conditions, and "members" shall comply with the Chainflix operation policy.
2. Items not specified in this document shall be subject to the operation policy of Chainflix. Protection of personal information shall be in accordance with this document. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions regarding the use of "service", the contents of these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Article 21: Settlement of Disputes
1. This document shall be construed and implemented under the laws of the Republic of Korea. In the event of a dispute between "company" and "members" in connection with the use of "services", the court which governs the address of the Civil Procedure Act shall be agreed upon.

Terms of Service is effective as of 2019. 11. 29
Updated on 2020.06.02

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