Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Chainflix.

Jampick (‘Company’) operates Chainflix (‘Service’). The below content informs you of our privacy policy regarding the collection of personal information.
Should there be any changes to our privacy policy, it will be announced on homepage for everyone to see.
By using Chainflix, you agree to the collection and user of your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
Company collects information that is necessary to run the platform. Company collects required information as well as optional information (necessary to run certain features of platform).
If users, do not wish to share the optional information, the user may not use the special features/services of platform.
The below is the information that Chainflix collects from users.

Personal information
1. Company collects information provided by members:
① When signing up: User ID (Email), Password, Nickname, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Connected Social Accounts’ information
② When using the platform:
- Device information: Device type, OS, Hardware Version, Device Settings, Browser Type, App information
- Log information: IP Address, Log data, Duration of usage, Search Information, Internet Protocol Address, Cookies
- Other information: Usage of CFX coins, User’s Contents preference, Visit of Chainflix service pages.
③ Optional information by users:
- Social Account connection: Name, Profile picture
④ When using verification method:
- Email Verification: Email address
- PIN Code: PIN Code number
- KYC Verification: Name (or Name of CEO), Date of Birth, Phone number (or Phone number of CEO), Valid ID (or Business registration number), Proof of Nationality, Photo (Selfie)
- Password Reset: Name (or Name of CEO), Date of Birth, Phone number (or Phone number of CEO), Valid ID (or Business registration number), Proof of Nationality, Photo (Selfie)

2. Company collects Information from non-members (users who did not sign up):
- Log information: IP Address, Log data, Duration of usage, Search Information, Internet Protocol Address, Cookies
- Other information: Visit of Chainflix service pages.

3. Information collection methods:
Web page, Fill out forms, Fax, Phone number, Email, Information generation and collection tool. etc.

How collected personal information is used:
1. Purpose of collection:
① Detection and prevention of unauthorized service use
② Usage of contracts for service provision required for members, payment of charges, and settlement of charges, etc.
③ Improving existing services and developing new services.
④ Notifications of changes in policies on the Homepage of site and application
⑤ Usage in marketing advertisements
⑥ Provide customized services based on member’s information
⑦ Statistics on members' service use for advertising
⑧ Providing information on promotional events and opportunities for members
⑨ Compliance with laws or legal obligations

How personal information is handled:
The company outsources and entrusts part of the work and personal information to be carried out by the entrusted company in order to provide the service.
The entrusted company manages and supervises the information in full compliance with laws or legal obligations.
The following company has been entrusted by Jampick to handle personal information:
Company: Purpose: Duration:
㈜ 가비아(Gabia) Email service Until account termination
Provision of personal information to third parties:
Company shall never provide personal information to third parties except in cases where it is required by law to be disclose or where there is a request from the investigative agency in accordance with the procedures for investigation purposes.
Personal Information Retention and Use Period”
Company erases personal information of members within 24 hours of account termination. Other member information will be erased upon achieving the purpose of collecting and using personal information.
However, if there is a need to preserve personal information in accordance with the Relevant Statutory Provisions, Chainflix shall keep the personal information for a certain period of
However, if there is a need to preserve personal information in accordance with the Relevant Statutory Provisions, information is transferred to a separate Data Base (in case of paper documents, it is stored in a physical location), where information is stored for a certain period of time before being erased.
Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by paper shredder. Personal information stored on electronic file is erased using a technical method that does not allow records to be restored.
In addition, company shall immediately erase members’ ID and personal information after the expiration of the validity period to protect the members’ personal information (members who did not log in for one year) under ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION.

Company will notify members 30 days before the expiration of the validity period. The destruction of personal information will be notified either by email, telephone, or other communication methods.
If members do not log in within certain time, they may lose membership in the platform.
-Various contracts records: 5 years
-Payment and product records: 5 years
-Consumer complaints records: 3 years
-Protection of Communications Secrets Act login records: 3 months

Rights of members:
1. Company verifies whether the member who made the request is the person or a legitimate agent, such as the request for member's right to use service, the request for correction of information, and the request for termination.
2. In the event of a personal information error, users and legal representatives can view or correct personal information in the ‘Settings> Account’ after logging in on web page or application. Also, members can correct the information by contacting company directly.
3. Members can request the withdrawal of their consent for the personal information collection or termination of their accounts. However, when requesting correction or deletion of personal information, Company is not required to delete information if the personal information is specified by other statutes/policies as the target of collection.

Personal Information Automated Collection System:
Company collects non-personal information through ‘cookies’ and ‘sessions’ that store and retrieve member information when needed.

- Cookies are tiny text files that are sent to members’ device by server and used to operate the service. Cookies are stored on device's storage media.
- Sessions simply mean that the server used to operate service stores user information on during the member’ access time.

Cookies and sessions are used as a measure of service improvement by helping members maintain their set environments and recording their visit records, usage patterns, and areas of interest.

Users have the option of installing cookies and are able to allow all cookies by setting options in their web browser. Members are able to check each time cookies are stored, or not allow them to be saved. However, if members do not allow to install cookies, it might be inconvenient to use some services that require log in.

Technical Protection Measures for Personal Information
Company implements the following technical and administrative measures to ensure stability in handling members' personal information so that personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, tampered with, or damaged.
1. Privacy encryption
Company protects and manages members' personal information and passwords by encrypting them using secure cryptographic algorithms.
2. Technical measures against hacking
To prevent leakage of members' personal information by hacking or computer viruses, company installed the system in an area with restricted access from outside. Company also uses the intrusion prevention device, and installed the system to monitor for 24 hours a day.
3. Establishment of internal management plan
Company established and implements an internal management plan for safe management of personal information.
4. Team dedicated to personal information
Company minimizes personal information-related handling only to special team, provides regular training on the acquisition of new security technologies and the obligation to protect personal information, and always emphasizes compliance with the privacy policy.

Responsibility for the management and protection of personal information
Company operates a customer center to protect members’ personal information and handle complaints related to personal information.
Phone number: 070-4060-3115
For all personal information protection related complaints arising from members' use of the company's service, members can contact the person in charge of the person in charge of personal information protection. Company will respond and process all the members’ questions or concerns.
Company will notify members seven days in advance if the revision of this Privacy Policy takes place. However, if there are any significant changes related to members rights, we will notify 30 days before the date of implementation. Any changes related to the new functionality of service or for legal reasons may take effect immediately without prior notice.

Date of document: 2019.11.29

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